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Greg Dove is Managing Director of Dove Software Development Ltd, his company based in Auckland, New Zealand, where he lives with his family. A New Zealander by birth, Greg and his family have also lived in Australia and France before returning to New Zealand to settle.

Greg is a consultant programmer, who has traditionally specialised in the Adobe® Flash® platform, but has also gained solid experience with other related technologies. 
He has extensive Flash experience, which includes Flex and Adobe Air, but is also competent with php, javascript and Haxe (which immediately opens the doors to other languages).
He provides services for local NZ-based and international (including US-based) clients ranging from short-term (sometimes even overnight) troubleshooting to full time front-end development work under contract.

Greg has an active interest in open source development, when time permits. He was one of the core developers in the team behind the original declarative graphics framework for Flex, Degrafa

Greg has a balance of solid business experience and information technology skills. He switched careers to focus on flash platform development in 2006. Prior to that, he worked in the pharmaceutical industry for 13 years in sales, marketing and business development roles, including 4 years as an e-Business manager in Australia. At that time his job included overseeing the procurement of the type of services he now provides. He continually strives to provide the type and level of service as a supplier/vendor that he sought and expected as a former client.