This is the site of Greg Dove, a professional developer with over 10 years experience providing remote development services to clients worldwide, via his company, Dove Software Development.

Greg has extensive experience working as a remote developer, across a broad range of projects. His expertise is in client-side development, and was traditionally based around the Adobe Flash platform. With the gradual demise of the flash player, he has built skills and experience with other development technologies for building mobile and desktop apps and web apps. The established timeframe to end support for the flash player in browsers by the end of 2020 means that many clients will need to address the challenge of migrating legacy Flex (flash player-based) web apps to HTML5 or to installable (desktop and/or mobile) apps.

If you need skilled support to advance your project in the following areas, don't hesitate to get in contact:

  • Legacy Flex-based flash player application migration to Adobe Air (desktop) or to HTML5 (javascript/css for web)
  • Adobe AIR based development work targeting desktop or mobile
  • Apache Royale based development work for web. (Apache Royale is an evolution of Apache Flex, with a focus on HTML5)
  • Haxe based development work
  • ReactJS and React Native development work
Apache Royale, Apache Flex and Apache are trademarks of The Apache Software Foundation. AIR, Flash and Flex are trademarks of Adobe. Haxe is a trademark of the Haxe Foundation. ReactJS and React Native are Facebook open source projects and are trademarks associated with those projects.