This is the business/personal site of Greg Dove, an experienced Flash Platform Developer (actionscript, Flex, Adobe AIR languages and related technologies) who also has an active interest in and experience with other languages. If you have an interest in the services I provide, please contact me via the contact form on this site.

Recent Blog Entries

LeafletHx: LeafletJS via Haxe

Submitted by gregdove on April 8, 2013 - 6:31pm

LeafletHx exampleI recently had a long-standing Flex client ask about mapping work in javascript/html5. He proactively suggested I check out LeafletJS to see if it could do what he wanted. This was intended for a cut-down version of an application I've been working on (with others) for him, in Flex, over time. I figured this research into LeafletJS would also be a great opportunity for me to build my first javascript extern definition in Haxe, which I did in my own time.

Site reboot

Submitted by gregdove on February 2, 2013 - 12:59pm

I have gone for a clean-slate update of my website. Another one of those new-year's resolution things! It's not the first time, either. But this time I will blog. I've re-acquainted myself with Drupal, and tried out a Panopoly distribution as my starting point. I added CKEditor as my preferred editor to the Wysiwyg module, and also geshi filter for source code insertions (I hope to be doing a few!) and a few other bits and pieces.

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