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Site reboot

Submitted by gregdove on February 2, 2013 - 12:59pm

I have gone for a clean-slate update of my website. Another one of those new-year's resolution things! It's not the first time, either. But this time I will blog. I've re-acquainted myself with Drupal, and tried out a Panopoly distribution as my starting point. I added CKEditor as my preferred editor to the Wysiwyg module, and also geshi filter for source code insertions (I hope to be doing a few!) and a few other bits and pieces. I wrote a custom module/plugin for the CKEditor-Geshi code integration because I couldn't find exactly what I wanted as an existing option amongst the myriad of modules available for Drupal. This gave me the opportunity to jump back into some Drupal coding and also the latest CKEditor javascript api in the process. Along the way I got to play with Modernizr, which is pretty cool (although still feels a bit hackish compared with the cross-browser consistency I've always  taken for granted when working with Flash player). After I was 80% towards where I wanted to be , I stopped coding and  started creating content. I figure I can continue to tweak the setup over time, but it's too easy for me to prefer coding over content creation! 

As always when I step away from Drupal for a couple of years, it took a day or two to get my head back into it, but I love the flexibility and power that it offers (even if I only use a small chunk of it!).


Hey, thanks for writing this up. I've been looking at several blogs to find something like this. Do you by any chance have a contact email that you could share? I would like to contact you directly. Regards Ashley

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